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TDS® managedIP Hosted is available in a variety of packages designed to meet the needs of your business – no matter what kind of business you run. You can also augment your managedIP package by adding our enhanced business tools and specialty stations. Choose the mix of products that best meets your needs and start saving time and money today.

Simple Seat*

16 important features, including call forwarding, call logs and direct inward dialing

As low as $24.95

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Mobility & Management

41 time-saving features, including call pull, communications history, 3-way calling and click to dial

As low as $27.95

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Unified Communications

46 powerful features, including instant messaging, desktop share and virtual collaboration room

As low as $31.95

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*Simple Seat is available for customers with at least ten seats of Mobility & Management or Unified Communications. Prices vary based on number of stations and length of contract. Pricing shown is for 10-29 stations with a 36-month agreement. Prices shown are for service packages and do not include data, phones, hardware, taxes, or fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Specialty Stations

In addition to our three main managedIP Hosted packages, we have a number of specialty packages available for businesses with unique station needs such as common area phones or analog telephone adaptation. Learn more about Specialty Stations here and compare their various features here.

Enhanced Business Tools

Enhanced business tools are powerful and specialized applications that work seamlessly with your TDS managedIP Hosted package to help you provide better service to customers and foster collaboration on your team. Add any or all of these tools to improve your business in a way that will produce real results.
  • Call Center provides insight into the type of calls your business receives so you can make informed staffing decisions and provide customers with better service. Learn more about Call Center with this brief overview video or this brochure.
  • With Receptionist Client, you can designate one employee to answer all calls across multiple offices, centralizing call administration with an easy-to-use web-based portal. Learn more about Receptionist Client.
  • Meet-Me Conferencing easily connects your employees with their peers, vendors or customers without the hassle of an operator or advanced scheduling. Learn more about Meet-Me Conferencing.
  • With Call Recording, employees can learn from their conversations with customers and supervisors can review performance and provide coaching based on specific needs. Learn more about Call Recording.

See how enhanced business tools like Meet-Me Conferencing work together with managedIP Hosted in this brief video demonstration.

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