VoIP Glossary

Automatic Call Back
Allows you to monitor a busy party in your group and automatically establishes a call when the busy party is available.
Block Unknown Callers
Prevent or block private calls from reaching you when the caller has explicitly restricted his/her number.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
The Busy Lamp Field feature indicates whether another extension on the phone system is in use. BLF for VoIP supports up to 50 lines and you can choose to be notified about calls being parked or no longer parked against monitored colleagues.
Caller ID
With Caller ID you can see the name and number of incoming calls on your display before you pick up the phone.
Call Center
An enhancement tool to improve call handling which easily and fully integrates with our robust VoIP solution, TDS managedIP Hosted. It allows you to route calls to the right people, cut down on hold times and reduce missed or misdirected calls. Learn more by watching this quick overview video.
Call Flip
Call Flip allows you to move a call seamlessly between devices like from your desk phone to your mobile phone.
Call Forwarding
The Call Forwarding Always feature automatically forwards business calls to a different phone number. Plus, with call forwarding busy criteria you'll never miss a call.
Call History
Call History gives you access to call records for all of your inbound and outbound calls from every device.
Call Log on All Devices - Placed, Missed, Received
The Call Log service allows you to view information about your placed, received, and missed calls. Increase your call logging capabilities with the Enhanced Call Log service which allows for storing several days of phone call logs.
Call Manager
A web-based way to easily initiate, manipulate, transfer and release calls.
Call Notification
Send an email with the caller’s name and number to a specified email address when pre-defined criteria, such as the phone number, time of day, or day of week, are met.
Call Park & Call Retrieve
With Call Park you can easy "park" a call in a virtual location so that any member of your organization can retrieve it. This feature also allows you to make and receive other calls freely while there's a "parked" call. The Call Retrieve feature makes it possible for the "parked" call to be retrieved by dialing *11 (default) from another shared location.
Call Pickup & Directed Call Pickup
Call Pickup (or Directed Call Pickup) is a multiuser service that allows employees to answer any ringing line within their call pickup group. This way if your colleague isn't at their desk a team member from the call pickup group can pickup the incoming call.
Call Return
The Call Return service enables you to return the call from the last party that called. Just dial the feature's access code and the system will connect you to that party.
Call Settings - Configurable Features
Call Settings give you the flexibility to enable and disable all features such as Call Forwarding and Do not Disturb. Plus, our VoIP settings allow you to make changes from any device.
Call Transfer
With Call Transfer you can easily transfer a call to another phone. Transfers can be cold call transfers where you send the call directly to a destination without consulting that colleague or they can be warm call transfers where your colleague is consulted before the call is transferred.
Call Waiting
Call Waiting enables you to answer a call while already engaged in another call.
This convenient feature enables you to click to dial a number from a phone list or Outlook, redial the last called number or dial an entered number all with a click on your computer screen. Click-to-call ensures the number is dialed accurately and saves you time with every call.
Contact Manager
Contact Manager gives you access to comprehensive contact information, including phone number, email and extensions available for each contact across all devices.
Direct-Line Mobile Caller ID
This feature enables you to display your business Caller ID when placing calls from your mobile device. With Direct-Line Mobile Caller ID you'll gain professional flexibility and present the number that's most appropriate for the call.
Do Not Disturb
With Do Not Disturb a user can set their status to “unavailable” and not be notified of incoming calls. Call will be forwarded to voicemail or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off. With VoIP DND you can silence all distractions and focus on your work.
Enhanced Call Reporting
Enhanced Call Reporting enables the mIP Administrator to run near-real-time reports on employees’ calling activity. This feature allows you to gain actionable insights into how your company uses the VoIP phone system.
End Point
A telecom industry term that usually just means “phone.”
Enterprise Directory
The enterprise directory contains a list of all the assigned phone numbers in the enterprise. Each entry in the directory contains the name of the entity with their DN, extension, group, and department. The business phone directory feature can be viewed by all the users in the enterprise.
Group Paging & Push To Talk
The Push To Talk and Group Paging services allow you to quickly communicate with a group of your colleagues. With Push To Talk you and a specified group of team members can call each other and have the call answered automatically, providing intercom-like functionality. Group Paging lets you page an announcement to a predefined group of you colleagues by dialing a phone number or extension.
Instant Messaging - Chat, Group Chat, File Transfer
Quickly confirm what your colleagues status is with Instant Messaging for business. Ensure correct call routing and relay critical instructions.
Last Number Redial
With Last Number Redial you can easily make a call to the last number dialed without having to reenter the number.
Multiple Call Arrangement
The Multiple Call Arrangement (MCA) service, which is an overlay to Shared Call Appearance, provides the ability for multiple calls to be handled concurrently on different Shared Call Appearance locations of the same user. No single location is considered the active location, so all locations are allowed to originate calls and receive new incoming calls when they have an available call appearance, regardless of the activity at the other locations.
Music On Hold - Group, User, Both
Our Music On Hold feature allows you to play audio (music) or video when the remote party is held or parked. It can also be a group service that allows the group administrator to set up a media audio source that can be broadcasted to held parties in various scenarios.
No Answer Call Forwarding
The Call Forwarding No Answer service allows you to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the when you do not answer your phone after a certain number of rings.
Outlook Integration
Access your Outlook contact information from your Call Manager.
Presence monitoring lets you see the real-time status of users on your phone system. Instantly know who's available and who's busy.
Priority Alert
The Priority Alert service enables a user to have certain incoming calls ring on their phone with a different tone, for example, when they receive a call from their manager or spouse or when the call is from inside the group.
Screen Share
Screen Share allows you to facilitate work with clients and team members instantly by sharing your desktop. Bring your online meetings to life with screen sharing.
A user of the VoIP service with a defined package of features, usually including a telephone number and phone. Seats can have different package attributes ranging from Simple Seat to Mobility and Management to Unified Communications.
Selective Call Forwarding
Automatically forward your incoming calls to a different phone number when pre-defined criteria, such as the phone number, time of day, or day of week, are met. Set this up and change it any time through a simple website interface.
Selective Call Rejection & Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection allows a user to block calls that meet selective criteria defined by the user. Similarly, Selective Call Acceptance allows a user to accept only those calls that meet selective criteria defined by the user. Some predefined criteria like phone number, time of day, or day of week are available.
Sequential Ring
Sequential Ringing service allows you to define a “find-me” list of phone numbers and URLs, which are alerted in a pre-determined order upon receiving an incoming call. The calling party is provided with a greeting followed by periodic comfort announcements until the call is answered.
Shared Call Appearance
The Shared Call Appearance feature allows you to have an incoming call to appear on multiple devices simultaneously. All devices where call appearance is shared can be used to answer an incoming call or originate a call on behalf of the primary location.
Simultaneous Ring
Simultaneous Ring allows you to have multiple phones ring simultaneously when calls are received. The first destination to answer the call is connected. With simultaneous ringing you'll never miss a call.
Softphone - Audio (VoIP) & Video Calling
A Softphone enables you to use your computer with your mIP UC app as a phone, using Voice over IP for High Definition (HD) audio. The SIP Softphone includes everything your desk phone can do, transforming your computer into a visual web-based phone.
Speed Dial
Dialing pre-defined numbers by dialing only one digit is a breeze with our Speed Dial 8 feature. With Speed Dial 100 you get easy two digit dialing for up to 100 frequently called business numbers.
Three-Way Calling
Three-way calling with two other parties is simple with TDS VoIP. You can instantly add a third person to your call and create a seamless 3-way calling experience for all parties.
Unlimited Long Distance
Take Unlimited Long Distance calling even further with unlimited domestic toll calls without additional usage charges.
Video Conferencing & Online Meeting Room - "My Room"
Our Online Meeting Room gives you access to personalized virtual rooms for calls and chats. Go further and connect with clients and teams across locations with Video Conferencing, all through your "My Room" feature.
Virtual Phone System
With the Virtual Phone System feature you can access and use your TDS VoIP profile and services from any device, online or offline. Make and receive calls from another phone, home office, cell or hotel as if it was your office phone.
Voicemail Setup
Setting up business voicemail is hassle free. TDS VoIP voicemail management allows you to view or modify how your messages are handled and change your voice portal options.
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