TDS VoIP Features

VoIP Features

Exceed customers’ expectations and enhance your business’s presence with a powerful variety of calling features.

Collaborate More

  • Desktop Share Be on the same page with your employees by sharing your screen
  • Instant Messaging Stay connected with real-time chats, group chats, and file transfers
  • Virtual Collaboration Room Host on-the-fly conferences with up to 125 people anytime, anywhere
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Work From Anywhere

  • Softphone Transform your computer or tablet into your desk phone with high-definition audio capabilities and video calling
  • Remote Teleworker Take your phone anywhere with all the features and functionality of your desk phone
  • Remote Office Turn any phone or device into your desk phone no matter your location
  • Call Pull Move an active call from your desk phone or device to another device, including your mobile phone, easily and with no disruption
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Save Time

  • Outlook Integration Access your Outlook contact information from your Call Manager application
  • Voicemail to Email Send voice messages to your inbox for easy access from any device
  • Presence See the real-time status of users and instantly know who’s available and/or busy
  • Call Logs on All Devices View information about your placed, received, and missed calls
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Improve Customer Experiences

  • Enterprise Directory View a complete list of your business’s assigned phone numbers to quickly connect your customers to the right people
  • Group Paging Communicate quickly with a predefined group by dialing a phone number or extension
  • Call Center Route calls to the right people, cut down on hold times, and reduce missed or misdirected calls. Watch Video
  • Call Forwarding Send business calls automatically to a different phone number
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Never Miss an Important Call Again

  • Call Notification Receive email alerts when predefined calls are being received
  • Shared Call Appearance/Simultaneous Ring/Sequential Ring Depending on the size and needs of your business, choose from a variety of flexible call handling options
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Gain Company Insights

  • Enhanced Call Reporting Enable your managedIP administrator to run near real-time reports on employee’s calling activity
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Minimize Workflow Disruptions

  • Do Not Disturb Stay focused on your work by setting your status to “unavailable.” Calls will be forwarded to voicemail or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off
  • Group Paging Communicate quickly with a predefined group by dialing a phone number or extension
  • Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection Allow or block calls from predefined phone numbers
  • Selective Call Forwarding Use specific call criteria like phone number, time of day or week, to send incoming calls to a different phone number
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