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Do you worry that you’re paying too much for phone service? Tired of finding unexpected charges when the bill arrives? Are you certain you’ve accurately assessed the ongoing costs of the systems you’re considering? TDS® managedIP Hosted comes with a commitment: simple pricing and no surprises. And we mean it. TDS managedIP isn’t just a robust VoIP and Internet solution for your business. It’s a great value, too. Watch this quick video demonstration to see how.

Simple, all-inclusive pricing

When other hosted providers quote you a price for their services, they may not include the cost of an Internet connection, data network, phone and other charges. With managedIP Hosted, it’s all-inclusive. The cost per month you see in your quote from TDS includes all of the above, plus upgrades, installation and training, maintenance, equipment and everything else your business needs. With TDS managedIP Hosted, you know what you’ll be paying on a monthly basis, and you can rest assured that cost won’t balloon unexpectedly over time.

Hosted vs. Premise-based

When choosing between hosted and premise-based Unified Communication systems, business owners tend to compare only the initial cash investment for each. However, upfront costs don’t tell the whole story. Studies have shown that the costs of implementing a premise-based system are nearly double the initial capital cost, thanks largely to implementation and maintenance costs. With a hosted system, training and support are included in the monthly fee, and there’s no need to budget for maintenance or additional personnel to keep the system up to date. Make sure you understand these differences so you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your business.

Cost comparison over 3 years

The graph below shows the monthly cost of a 35-seat premise-based system over three years, as compared to a similar hosted system. If the premise-based system is managed by onsite personnel, monthly costs quadruple those of the hosted system. Even if the premise-based system is managed by a contractor, the monthly cost is more than 40 percent higher than a hosted system.

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Cost Comparison
*Cost per month based on 35-seat premise-based versus hosted service.
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